Juicy & delicious visual identities for people, places, & things. 



Juicy & delicious visual identities for people, places, & things. 




Embodying identities       

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I'm Hannah Priscilla,
a graphic designer & illustrator interested in collective creation & experimental process. I tell honest, brave, and delicious stories with impactful design. I see identity design as a kind of performance–an interaction with the world in a visual sense. And, with a background and philosophy based in performance, my specialty is taking events, projects, and spaces and building identities that introduce them to the world with style. 
I build juicy visual identities for people, places, and things.

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︎︎︎ Museum of the African Diaspora

︎︎︎ Headlands Center for the Arts
︎︎︎ Alo Moves
︎︎︎ OneSkin
︎︎︎ Oya Abeo

︎︎︎ Homecookd
︎︎︎ Antioch College

I offer      

︎︎︎ Graphic Design
︎︎︎ Art Direction
︎︎︎ Web Design
︎︎︎ Surface Pattern Design
︎︎︎ Motion Graphics & Animation

Identity + Web + Social + Email

Oya Abeo


Oya Abeo is a new home goods label offering delightful Nigerian-made textiles and designs. It is an eponymous brand but not the western sense. Eponymous in the Yoruba sense, as in, it was named after its Founder—Samiat Salami’s Yoruba Oriki. An Oriki is a praise name that all Yoruba people have. Think of it as a secret poetic name that is uttered at the best times to inspire valiance, beauty and an outpour of love in the bearer of the name. Using colors and visual cues inspired by Samiat’s home, we highlight these amazing handmade works online and in the world.

Visual Identity + Collateral + Social

Her Voice Rises


Her Voice Rises was a week-long transnational artist residency program at Antioch College. It included art collective Mujeres De Artes Tomar from Buenos Aires, Argentina and talks, workshops, and performances on making activist performance art. We highlighted, advertised, and contextualized the residency, the college, and the virtual event with bright & exciting visuals that gave humanity to an online and virtual context.